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Original Scripts

TV Pilot


Workshopped at Women on Screen


Producer: Lauren Corber at LoCO Motion Pictures

*Currently being pitched

Two inexperienced horny teenagers write erotic fan fiction to endure their religious high school, but once their stories go public, they gain a massive following and threaten the morality of parents and rabbis alike.

TV Pilot

22 ANd who

Developed with L.A by Producer Debbie Liebling

Nomi and Jess’ university life of stealing, sex and weed, is coming to an end in their final year, but Nomi is not ready to let go of their debaucherous lifestyle. In an effort to hold on to her three year bender, Nomi takes anxious first year and accidental drug dealer, Willow, under her wing, but confronting the future can only be put off for so long.

TV Pilot


Developed at Second City Toronto under Andrew Malabre

When an isolated Canadian summer camp accidentally survives a nuclear apocalypse, the director must unite spoiled tweens and lazy staff to survive, but tensions run high as relationships that should have only lasted the summer are extended, strained and tested

TV Pilot

We run a cult

Available upon request

As a group of millennial housemates reach their financial breaking point, they decide to start their own self help pyramid scheme called Wakeful, designed to con rich people out of their money. But when the group grows larger than anticipated, they must decide how far they are willing to go to buy into their own lies.



10 Minute Play performed at InspiraTO Festival


Won Best Actress, Best Play and People's Choice Awards.

When two social outcasts are forced into a closet together for seven minutes in heaven, awkwardness ensues.



One Act Play performed in the Drama Studio Series

Won Honourable Mention in Saxton Playwriting Competition

As the first AD on the Dr. Rob Show for the past decade, Delilah prides herself on her ability to manipulate trashy guests to the point of tears and orchestrate the best reality show drama, but that will all change when a little girl "possessed by the devil" becomes the last guest the show will ever see.

Copywriting, Journalistic Articles, Editorials, Blog Entries and Advertisement



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